How to search Curio

Simple search

You can initiate a search from anywhere on the site. Simply click Search. Enter one or more keywords in the search field (subject area, words from a title, etc.) and then click the magnifying glass or hit Enter.

Advanced search

The advanced search feature allows you to create more specific queries, such as narrowing your search to certain fields.
From the search page, click the toggle to enable the advanced search engine.

By default, your query will include all fields (just like a simple search).
For more precise searches, you can specify the field you want to query.

You can also run more than one query at a time, across multiple fields.

When you conduct a multi-field search, you can combine the queries using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.

Advanced syntax

Advanced search syntax can be used with both the simple and advanced search engines.

Search operators and fields

Note that search operators and fields must be entered in English.
Note, also, that the use of Boolean operators is only allowed in the "all fields" section and not in specific fields (e.g.: Title).

Boolean operators

Birds AND Animals:
Returns all items containing both the terms Birds and Animals.
Birds OR Animals
Returns all items containing either the term Birds or Animals. This operator is useful for finding synonyms.
Birds NOT Animals
Returns all items containing the term Birds except for those also containing the term Animals. The order of the terms is crucial when using this operator.

Generic characters

Asterisk *
When placed at the end of a word, search results will match all possible endings of the word.
The asterisk is only possible when searching for a single word. The asterisk can be used in the word (e.g. tes*t), at the end of the word ( test*), but not at the beginning.
E.g., A search for Ant* would return results containing Ant, Antelope and Anteater.
Parentheses ()
Parentheses control the order in which Boolean operators are applied.
E.g., ( Birds AND Animals) NOT ( Cat* OR Dog*).
Quotation marks “”
Quotation marks can be used to find items containing your keywords in the exact order and with the exact spelling that you type.
E.g., “ Wild birds” will return only those results containing the two words together in that order.

Search fields

You can search for content directly in specific search fields using the syntax below.
Following are the searchable fields:
All Fields *
Title title
Subject subject.subject
Person participants.person

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