New MARC records tool

*Please note that you must log in with a librarian or administrator profile in order to access this feature. 

The new Curio platform was launched last September. We’ve taken this opportunity to introduce some small changes to our MARC records. 

Among the changes, field 001 now includes a new control number. A new field 035 has been added as well, indicating the control number from the old catalog, for reference purposes. Finally, a second field 856 has been added, including the URL of the image associated with the asset.

In view of these changes, please delete the previous Curio records from your catalog and then upload MARC records for the new site. You can access the MARC download tool via the Reports section in the My account drop-down menu (top right corner on Curio).

The new options available under Create a report will be familiar to many. However, please note that users no longer have the option of downloading English and French language records at the same time. This action needs to be carried out separately. Also, age group and channel options are now configured automatically based on your organizational profile.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these planned changes, please let us know.

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