How to download MARC records

* Please note that this feature is only accessible to Curio administrator account holders.

* Please note that when creating a report, if you select a specific period, the start date selected must be after August 1, 2022. Reports created before this date will be incorrect.

Here is an overview of the steps that will allow you to download our MARC records

  1. Make sure you are logged into the platform.
  2. Once logged in, go to My account and select the Reports option.
  3. In the Reports section, select the Metadata tab.
  4. Click on the Create a report button.
  5. Select your options for either a full catalogue download or limited to a specific time period, newly created, modified or deleted records, as well as the language.
  6. Click on the Create button.
  7. Your metadata report will then be generated.  You can follow the status of your request in the table.

A few extra tips

  • Be sure to always create two separate reports, for both created and modified records. The total records from these two lists will together include all the audiovisual content that is currently available on the platform.
  • We also suggest you create a report for deleted records on a regular basis, as we occasionally lose the educational rights to certain audiovisual assets, especially acquisitions. This will ensure you always offer the most up-to-date Curio catalogue to your patrons.
  • Users do not have the option of downloading English and French language records at the same time. This action needs to be carried out separately.
  • Your metadata reports will remain accessible in the Reports section for a period of three months following their initial creation.
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