Collection development policy


This policy applies to subscriber institutions and organizations, including school boards, government ministries, universities, colleges and Cégeps, and Canadian public libraries. Individuals (students, teachers, library users, etc.) should contact their responsible institutions to learn of the access arrangements in place at their institution.


The present policy outlines the guidelines that inform the development of resource materials on It defines the general spirit that guides individual decisions and includes criteria aimed at expediting the policy’s application.


The selection of new materials for reflects the specific needs of the Canadian educational community and is motivated by the drive to enrich the existing collection. content is augmented and updated on a regular basis. Added materials generally originate from CBC/Radio-Canada programming, as well as from special requests received from subscribers via the form designated for that purpose on the website. Ten to 20 items are added to the website each week.

The following criteria apply in the selection of materials for the collection:

  • Relevance to the needs and interests of the Canadian educational community (e.g. number of students reached by a proposed document);
  • Availability and appropriateness of formats matching needs;
  • Relevance with respect to the issues and subjects covered by the existing collection;
  • Relevance and permanence of proposed materials;
  • Current and historical importance of proposed materials;
  • Authority and reputation of the production team;
  • Initial and recurring costs (e.g. acquisition of licencing rights, release of copyrights, etc.);
  • Overall quality;
  • Technical features of audiovisual materials (e.g. digital format availability);
  • Availability and accessibility;
  • Internal resource requirements (equipment and staff).

Although aims to facilitate access to CBC/Radio-Canada archives, content requests are normally limited to subscribers only.

Based on the above criteria, reserves the right to reject program requests that are deemed inapplicable or inappropriate.


Final editorial responsibility for the selection of materials for rests with CBC & Radio Canada Media Solutions management, which establishes selection policies and receives user feedback. Delegation of this responsibility may be made to dedicated staff.

Effective date

This policy is applicable as of 1 September 2014. Future policy updates fall under the authority of CBC & Radio Canada Media Solutions management.

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