How do I transfer my playlists from the old Curio to the new Curio?

Account with institutional email address 

If you have created an account in the former version of Curio with an institutional email address after September 2021, your account as well as your playlists will be transferred to the new platform in July 2022.
At that time, logging into the new Curio with your institutional address will restore your playlists.

Account with personal email address 

If you created an account in the old version of Curio with a personal email address, we won't be able to transfer your account.

We invite you to create and personalize your profile the first time you log in to the new platform for an optimal experience.

From now on, you will no longer have to use the password that was associated with your account. A verification code will be automatically generated when you enter your institutional email. 

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